About Us
Since 1994 when Paradise Solutions was established as a
member of a group of IT and Instrumentation companies, we started to
build an experienced technical team those started to deliver our IT
services to the Egyptian market sectors.
Services are:
• Startup & Implementation Services
• Setup of Office Networks
• Internet connectivity (ADSL and Frame Relay)
• Backup and Disaster Recovery
• Monthly Server Health Checks
• Hardware Maintenance services
• Software Applications Development
• Software Applications Roll Out Services
• IT Services Outsourcing
• Content Management Services
• Professional Training
As a successful company in the Egyptian Market, Paradise Solutions
has demonstrated that it understands technological issues as well as the
business challenges facing various industries and markets.
Companies that outsource their information technology with us benefit
from cost savings and transparency.
In addition, they safeguard their IT service quality and ensure the
forward-looking direction of their information technology.